DR Gordon Anderson

Dr. Gordon C Anderson

Author, Lecturer & UK qualified Consultant

Dr. Gordon C Anderson MBA, ITP.

Dr. Anderson is an Author; Lecturer & UK qualified Consultant, with over 30 years of international experience in Human Resources & Personnel Management. Dr. Anderson gained his Master’s Degree from St Andrews University, Scotland, and is currently the Managing Director of G.C Anderson Consulting Ltd in Cyprus. He is a Fellow of three major professional bodies: the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, London, the Institute of Management in the UK, and the Royal Society of Arts & Manufacturers.

Dr. Anderson has conducted over 400 seminars on a variety of subjects, including performance appraisal, organisation design and restructuring, business strategy, leadership and teambuilding development. As well as having previous experience working as a University Lecturer in the UK, he has also written 4 books and over 30 articles on effective management skills; performance appraisals and mentoring guidance.

Dr Anderson is an international expert and is considered a leader in all areas relating to HR & Customer Service. He is enthusiastic to impart his extensive knowledge and industry tips in all webinars, and training packages. Sign up to gain special insight into management techniques, as well as business strategy, implementation and design on an international level.

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